There are a ton of dermal fillers out there, but which one is right for you? RADIESSE® is an excellent all-around filler for meeting a range of aesthetic needs. While many people think fillers are only for the face, this particular option can be injected into several areas of the body, giving you all-around beautiful results. Injections are handled by Kirin here in the comfort of Emerald Aesthetics. Get in touch to learn more about RADIESSE® and what it can do for you. 


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RADIESSE® is different from other fillers because it is made from calcium-based microspheres that help reconstruct the skin by stimulating collagen production, ultimately providing the longest-lasting results. Collagen is the stuff that maintains the thickness and youth of our skin. Our bodies tend to produce less of it over time, but RADIESSE® can help increase its quantity and make us look and feel younger.

What Does RADIESSE® Address?

This filler can be placed just about anywhere on the body; face, neck, chest, arms, legs, and booty. It is amazing for skin with laxity, wrinkles, and other aging signs. It’s not surgery, but it can make a big difference! The knees and thighs can be treated with RADIESSE® too. Along with this, some people may want their “hip-dips” filled, others may want more volume (like a surgical BBL), and some may want some shape and cellulite correction. 

What to Expect

The injection procedure can take over an hour, depending on location and syringe quantity. The procedure causes minimal pain as you are numbed ahead of time. There can be some minimal bruising and soreness after the injections, so ice and Tylenol can be used. Initially, you will have some “swelling,” but this is more likely just from the product itself if we are doing a large area like the butt because Kirin dilutes the product with saline, and will decrease in a day or so.

RADIESSE® Dermal Filler Results

The desired effect from this filler can last 18-24 months or longer. Because we are stimulating your body to make this collagen and elastin, the final results can take 3-4 weeks to start becoming noticeable. You may want a touch-up or schedule another round to reach your desired goals or just to keep your results. If it’s a keep-it-up situation, then yearly follow-ups should suffice. 

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Post-Care Instructions

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RADIESSE® Filler Treatments in Gresham, Oregon

Get the volume you deserve with RADIESSE®. This filler stimulates collagen over time, giving you a natural and gradual result that you’re certain to love. Request your appointment at Emerald Aesthetics by filling out the form below or calling (503) 841-1816.

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