Birthmarks can be cute depending on their size and location. But if your birthmark is in the wrong place, it can make you feel seriously self-conscious. Port wine stains are a kind of birthmark that don’t go away on their own. To treat them, you need a powerful laser device like ADVATx®. Kirin can provide treatments with this laser here at Emerald Aesthetics. Sessions take little time and don’t require long periods of bed rest like surgery. Request an appointment in Gresham, Oregon.


Port Wine Stains

What Causes Port Wine Stains?

Port wine stains are caused by the abnormal formation of tiny blood vessels in the skin. These skin marks are present at birth and don’t go away on their own. They are typically not dangerous but can be a symptom of certain illnesses. Port wine stains are typically flat and pink at birth. As you age, these stains grow, and their color may deepen to dark red or purple.

How Are These Issues Addressed?

ADVATx® Skin Rejuvenation is a laser device that uses energy pulses to target port wine stains precisely. These energy pulses increase the area’s temperature until the targeted cells break down. This process will gradually decrease the appearance of the hyperpigmentation. Treatments can be repeated as needed but must be done in intervals to give your skin enough time to heal. There is no downtime required after the treatment session.

What Can I Expect?

Your port wine stain will gradually fade with each treatment session. The best part is that ADVATx® doesn’t require any downtime after a session. However, this laser treatment may not be right for everyone. Therefore, you must meet with Kirin and discuss the treatment before committing to it.

Find Port Wine Stains Treatments in Gresham, Oregon

If you’re sick and tired of your birthmark, ADVATx® can help. This laser treatment breaks down port wine stains and other skin marks, giving you gorgeous skin without hassle. Learn more about this treatment and the treatment process by requesting online or dialing (503) 841-1816 to schedule an appointment.

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