Presentation: Can occur immediately or develop hours or days later at the injection site. 

Treatment: Direct pressure, cold compresses for the first 24 hours, I provide anti-histamines before the procedure and finally, just give it time. This is why we don’t want you going with fillers before an important event. You need to give yourself 3-5 days before you can expect to look and feel healed. Arnica replay helps with bruising too, you can start taking it a few days before your procedure and after. It is a homeopathic remedy for swelling and bruising. Do not consume alcohol or caffeine 24hrs before your appointment. Any drugs which thin the blood need to be avoided for a week before injection such as Vit E, fish oil, ibuprofen, etc. (only if your MD approves!!)


Presentation: Immediate or slowly developing edema at the area of injection.

Treatment: Swelling happens, it’s your body’s natural reaction. So, let’s apply a cool compress for the next 1-7 days. As mentioned above, omit caffeine and alcohol as well, 24hr pre and post-procedure.

Non-Inflammatory Nodule

Presentation: Very common, lump or small bump of dermal filler that does not increase in size

Treatment: Massage with fingers firmly, but wait until 2 weeks after your injection! Call your injector if concerned.

Cold Sores

Presentation: Many patients know that they will have an outbreak with their dermal filler injection and should start their anti-virals 3 days prior to their treatment. A flare-up will present at the location of the injection, typically around the mouth/lips. Our bodies are very sensitive when it comes to cold sores. If you already get them, you could have an outbreak after. Please just take your anti-virals before the appointment to prevent the outbreak from happening.

Treatment: For suppression of the outbreak you should take 400 mg acyclovir PO BID 3 days before the injection and continue for a total of 5 days. Please do not come to your appointment if you are currently having an outbreak, you cannot be treated.

For any complications, questions, or concerns please consult your injector as soon as possible.

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