I’m an RN for and work in the adult ICU. But I love the aesthetics side of things, it’s so much fun. I had been wanting to get into another form of Nursing for a while and finally made it happen in 2019. I am still at the hospital but aesthetics is a major priority. I’m as flexible as I can be while balancing life.

I am a SE Portland girl originally and have never moved away. Although I LOVE to travel and really enjoy being submerged in different cultures. Warm and sunny is typically my idea of a getaway but I would travel anywhere.

A few other fun facts about me; I had a son when I was 18, and I also have a 14-year-old son, Niko. I’m married to an amazing man from Seattle, Keith. I am a pretty chill, down-to-earth person who usually stays pretty calm and likes to go with the flow. But I am a Taurus and I guess I can be a lil’ stubborn and resistant to change. Things that I love aside from traveling are; good food, dancing, reading, music/concerts, working out, and SPORTS! I am a huge sports fan, I could watch anything as long as there’s competition. My favorite teams are Seahawks and Blazers. I also love working out, it’s definitely my counseling, meditation, my me time, I need it. xoxo

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