Sore muscles are one thing, but joint pain? That’s a sign of a serious problem. Osteoarthritis can occur later in life, making staying comfortable and mobile much harder. While this problem can’t be cured with simple injections, some of the pain you’re experiencing can be addressed using Vitamin B12 injections. These injections have been shown to improve mood, increase energy, and ease pain – helping you regain the comfort you had before. Request an appointment at Emerald Aesthetics to learn more.


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What Causes Joint Pain?

Joint pain can occur because of an underlying illness like arthritis or strain from an intense workout. In either case, it can be stressful to deal with. Natural wear and tear contribute to joint pain as cartilage becomes worn out from years of use. Other causes can include sports injuries and can occur at any age. Being overweight and having a genetic predisposition to joint problems also increases the risk of developing this problem.

How Is Joint Pain Addressed?

Injections can’t cure illnesses like arthritis, but Vitamin B12 can improve some of the symptoms you experience due to this problem. Studies show that adequate amounts of B12 can improve both joint and bone strength. The problem is that we often miss out on these nutrients through our daily diets alone. Therefore, B12 injections may be a great supplement to help your body function.

What Can I Expect?

Vitamin B12 injections are handled by Kirin and can be administered in less than an hour. After the injection, some people report feeling increased energy and alertness. Once the injection has been completed, you can experience some relief from joint pain and soreness. Several injections may be needed to reap the greatest benefits from these treatments.

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If joint pain is an ongoing problem, a Vitamin B12 injection may be just what you need to feel 100% again. These injections are handled here at Emerald Aesthetics and don’t require downtime afterward. To learn more and request your appointment, fill out the form below or contact Kirin at (503) 841-1816.

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