Redness and irritation aren’t exactly flattering. If your skin is going through a rough time, seeking help is probably a good idea. At Emerald Aesthetics, Kirin can address rosacea symptoms using our advanced ADVATx® device. This system makes clearing your skin easy. It’s non-invasive, works quickly, and gives you the flawless skin you deserve in no time. Request a consultation here at our Gresham, Oregon, office to learn more.



What Causes Rosacea?

Doctors aren’t entirely sure about what causes rosacea. However, a link has been found between this condition and a protein called cathelicidin peptide. When the body produces too much of this specific protein, the skin becomes inflamed, develops enlarged vessels, and becomes irritated. Genetic, environmental, or a combination of both factors may trigger this protein production. Other factors can contribute to this issue’s development, making it hard to treat.

How Is This Issue Addressed?

ADVATx® Skin Rejuvenation makes getting the skin you want a snap! This device is non-invasive and uses pulses of laser energy to target flushed skin and ease the textural issues caused by rosacea. These energy pulses emitted by ADVATx® increase the area’s temperature until the skin is clear. Treatments can be repeated as needed, and there is no downtime required after the treatment session.

What Can I Expect?

Some improvements in rosacea symptoms can be seen after only one session with ADVATx®. For best results, several sessions may be needed. The major benefit of this treatment is that it doesn’t require downtime, meaning you can return to the rest of your day shortly after your visit. Kirin will discuss a treatment plan with you during your first consultation.

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Stop stressing over irritation caused by rosacea. ADVATx® can give you the relief you deserve without stress or trouble. Connect with Kirin today to discuss the treatment process by filling out the form below or dialing (503) 841-1816 to book.

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