Let’s not mince words – your skin is one of the most important parts of your body! If you want to look and feel fabulous, you need to take care of it. That’s where ADVATx® skin rejuvenation comes in. It’s not some over-the-counter cream, and it’s not major surgery, ADVATx® is a laser treatment that gets rid of stretch marks, wrinkles, spider veins, and more. If you’re ready for a beauty upgrade, request your appointment here at Emerald Aesthetics!


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What Is ADVATx® Skin Rejuvenation?

ADVATx® skin rejuvenation is an advanced, FDA-approved laser system that uses two wavelengths and soft pulse technology to heat targeted parts of your body. Energy boosts are delivered in intervals, so the targeted area is heated properly without damaging the surrounding skin. This process eliminates cooling technology, giving you clear skin without discomfort or downtime.

What Does ADVATx® Address?

ADVATx® is a powerhouse treatment that can transform your skin in so many ways. Whether you’re trying to ease skin flushing or reverse aging signs, this laser is the way to go. Some of the most common issues that people contact Kirin for include:

What to Expect

During treatment, the ADVATx® laser handpiece will be applied to the treatment area. Once there, the handpiece will use energy pulses to increase the area’s temperature. This will gradually ease the targeted skin concern without harming the surrounding skin. The best part about these treatments is that they require no downtime afterward.

ADVATx® Skin Rejuvenation Results

One of the best things about ADVATx® is that it is a non-ablative laser system. Unlike ablative systems, non-ablative lasers do not remove the top layer of the skin during treatment. Instead, they rely on heat to produce results and are more gentle. You can see an improvement in your skin shortly after your visit, but several sessions may be needed to get the best results.

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ADVATx® Treatments in Gresham, Oregon

Give your skin the rockstar treatment with ADVATx® skin rejuvenation! Your skin deserves the absolute best, and Kirin is here to make sure that happens. Request your appointment at Emerald Aesthetics by filling out the form below or calling (503) 841-1816.

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