Ready to go from flab to fab? Of course, you are! Don’t let a double chin stand in the way of your beauty goals – come in for a set of KYBELLA® injections to dissolve stubborn fat and keep it from ruining your perfectly contoured profile for good. KYBELLA® works by dissolving targeted fat and eliminating it without the need for surgery or downtime. Request an appointment here at Emerald Aesthetics to redefine your look today.


Double chin

How Does a Double Chin Form?

A double chin, or “submental fat,” can collect under your chin after weight gain and/or due to genetics. When we consume more calories than we use as energy, the excess gets stored as fat and can end up just about anywhere. Once a double chin forms, it can be challenging to get rid of. The good news is that surgery isn’t the only way to address stubborn fat.

How Is a Double Chin Addressed?

KYBELLA® can address submental fat in only 2-6 sessions. These injections are administered over 2-6 months. The appointment time usually takes about 30 mins, including numbing time. The actual injections are small, but there are many sites typically, and the injections tend to sting. For the first 48 hours, ice and Tylenol can help, and keeping your head elevated while you sleep can also be helpful.

What Can I Expect?

It only takes about 2-4 treatment sessions to begin seeing results from KYBELLA®. 59% of patients in clinical trials needed only six treatments to get the best results. During your initial consultation, Kirin will discuss the treatment and what you can expect in more depth and provide post-treatment care info.

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